10 most popular sports in the world


Below is a list of top 10 popular sports in the world, in terms of the number of people interested, including television audience, the audience directly to the field, the track through different media, fans member, and both figures athletes by sports federations to offer.

  1. Football (about 3.5 billion people). Football competition rules are simple and relatively easy to play. This will help football become popular sport in the world extensively, both in terms of participants angles directly playing as followers. Version of the game includes two team players control the ball towards the opponents goal side of the court, which appeared many centuries ago, but in the 19th century the real football developed in the UK with relatively complete game rules.

Football development with lightning speed and have a broad reach across the planet. Most of the cities in the world have one or a few of their own team. Football is also attractive because of the prediction to the last minute of each game. This is the only subject in this list are not controversial, as it led every list whether criteria are viewers or players.

  1. Cricket (2.5 billion people). British Empire once accountsfor 23% of the land area in the world, this has made the sport with sticks and balls grow in many places, especially in parts of Britain blocks (Blocks Commonwealth). Today the sport is most played in the countries of Oceania, the islands of the West Indies (Caribbean and North Atlantic), South Africa and the British Isles. This course has large fan base because in the populous countries like India, Pakistan, Indonesia, UK.

There are many sources for that cricket appeared in the 16th century, but the first actual 1700s to the sport can be practiced with complete legal system. Cricket also has two teams with 11 players playing together, but this law allows half the matches to last until identify successes and failures.

So it does not take place at cricket matches to 5 days to be completed. This is one of the main aspects to this subject with distinctive baseball, besides the difference in shape and costume competitions sticks of the players. Most of those who have never played this course often mistaken two baseball (Baseball is the English name) with cricket (cricket).

Because cricket match can last, remarkable tournament in the world takes place between the national team or the territories, the number of matches per year limit. England and India are the world’s top team, followed by Australia and South Africa.

  1. Field Hockey (around 2 billion people). This is a sport with a ball, and there are 11 players on each side. This course was originally developed separately in Europe and Asia from the 3rd century BC. But right up to the 19th century British the sport developed this new system with almost current law, and disseminate it to their colonial regions.

Until the mid-20th century, India and Pakistan are the leading countries in this subject sharply, but then Australia and the Netherlands have become the new power of this sport. In North America, the number of female hockey players overwhelming proportion, but if calculating on a global scale, the amount of players are men still make up the majority.



  1. Tennis (about 1 billion people). If the sport takes place only between two players, tennis is the most popular courses on the planet. This course has evolved from previous history of the 14th century Emperor Louis X of France even having to build its own indoor tennis court earlier in the year 1400.

One of the main reasons that tennis has wide appeal is that this sport has never witnessed a complete domination of any one player or country. In about ten years, up to 14 different male and female tennis player ranked world number one, and they are represented by eight different countries.

  1. Volleyball (about 900 million). This is a sport with relatively simple rules. The match could take place on grass, cement or sand. Volleyball was first played in the Olympics in 1964, but had to Olympics 1996 Beach Volleyball are listed content match.
  2. Table tennis (approximately 850 million people). This is the king of sports in China, but so far has thrived in Europe and other countries of Asia. It was born almost a century ago. Like football, the subject developed rapidly thanks to extensive and easy to play and play equipment is not expensive.

At the international tournament, China is by far the leading power in the sport, especially in the women’s.

  1. Baseball (500 million people). Originally developed in the UK, far baseball still is one of the many sports that most laws and quite complex. The rules of the tournament has not changed since 1901.
  2. Golf (about 450 million). Golf appeared from the 13th century right up to the 1400s, but in Scotland, it grew into a real sport. This is probably the only sport that until now the birthplace of it is still used as venues. Golf Old Course at St. Andrews (Scotland) still occur golf events throughout the past 500 years.

Unlike most other sports, golfers never confronted each other directly in the battle field, and almost without contradiction or incidents that occur in the golf tournament. Golf was developed mainly in the US, Europe, Canada, Australia.

  1. Basketball (400 million people). This course was developed in the United States since the late 19th century, and Americans also dominate the basketball during the first century after its birth date. Other countries have also introduced America to be world-class talents such as Lithuania, Argentina and Australia.

Rapid urbanization pace has helped basketball more popular on a global scale, because this is one of the few sports can play in the cramped space conditions. The national tournament in Greece, Israel and Japan now have been able to attract some American basketball players were past their best or not competitive position in the US professional basketball (NBA) . In reverse, no less talent from countries like Germany, France, Spain and Canada currently has made an impact in the MLS, including who also won the title of World Player Most solutions.

  1. American Football (400 million people). This sport is almost not appear outside of North America. However, the wild passion of millions of Americans helped win the American Football final position in the top 10 attractive sports in the world.



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