Advices for building home at the first time

 Housing construction is one of the great things in each person’s life because house is not a simple place to avoid rain, sun. However, it also must meet the requirements for performance, aesthetics, sustainability and economically. Achieving these four elements is not a simple matter, especially with those who are not a professor. First, you should understand the basic requirements for building their dream home such as number of rooms, location of the room, interior decorations, general storage rooms, storage space for your household equipment such as gardening tools, water pumper, water tanks (or best work boots for men, too). Besides, you should also refer to all family members’ opinions, then gather them to get the best plan.

 Here are the steps of preparation for building a home:


Step 1: planning


Making financial Plan

Very important issue before planning to build a house is your budget to build a house. If you underestimate the spending plan, you may encounter major difficulties arising when confronting with or it could affect the current fiscal of your family. You do not let your money be exhausted when the construction is unfinished. It is better for you to anticipate costs first, and there are 2 main types of costs need to estimate:

1. Calculating construction costs

These are many costs you need to build your house completely and the extent of permanent. They may include decorative tiles, plaster ceiling, kitchen and interior, exterior paint. Regarding to construction cost, this is the biggest expense, so you need to calculate carefully and ask some advice from constructor to get more details.

2. Estimating incurred costs

The fact that house building process always has incurred costs. So beside the amount of capital construction costs, you should anticipate 10 -30% of the amount called premium reserve. With this provision, you can be more confident when exchanging your needs with architects and contractors.


3. Estimating cost for furnishing

You can calculate these costs which include costs to purchase equipment such as bath, gas stove, electric stove, refrigerator, furniture, decorative lights, and other appliances. We highly recommend you should separate these costs because they are parts that can be completely removable and can be fitted after the house is completed. Time to retrofit them is not dependent on building time.



1. Learn about legal issues related to your home and the necessary procedures

In fact, there are a lot of people that have family history and inherited problems or relationship problems between generations and home ownership (they seem to be unclear legally). Thus, you should learn legally licensing procedures related to building, certificates of land using right and so on.

2. Applying construction permit application.

To be allowed to build house, you need to ensure all conditions: The land must be granted the red book (certificate of land using rights) and granted permission to build.  Applying for a building permission must have a record of design from construction (a unit with legal personality and have a practicing certificate _consultancy work certificate). Homeowners are unable to prepare these records, they must have building, design consultants legally prepared these records for them.


Step 2: choose the constructed designed consultant 


In fact, you do not need a designed and constructed consultant, the homeowners could build a house by themselves. Even, the preparation of documents for construction permission in step 2, they could also hire a consultant to set up. However, the role of a consultant for a construction project is very important. Why?

  • First, you’ll have an entire surface structure of the tightly organized, and coherence performance, which suit to the using requirement of all family members. This will take full advantage of the area to live, move, but still have skylights, atriums to get light and ventilation for deeper and underexposed areas. Premises will help to create spacious, square place, as well as turn lumpy, ugly walls, columns into the recessed space for wardrobe, closet, cabinet decorated in a reasonable manner. Premises also are interwoven into the green space of the plants, and make the tough architectural lines become smoother.
  • You also get a beautiful, unique home’s exterior form matching the preferences and individual requirements of every family members. In addition, it is in accordance with the urban landscape, surrounding environment, as well as consistent with the construction technology and materials, but can affirm homeowners own style.

When intending to build a house, landlords should give the designer the summary information about the family, about the land and the needs, the hobby of all family members such as the need of building how many floors in house, or how many living room, even could kitchen have separate entry or combined with the living room, using the common dining room with kitchen space… The more detailed meticulous are listed, the designer has grounds to imagine the living conditions of the home so that leads to tailored solutions.

The interior designs of the house include the design of decorative ceilings, walls, floors, lighting design, and furniture design …Actually, it is not necessary for you to carry out in the period. If you start immediately to design the house early, it can help you finish fast because if after finishing construction house partly and beginning doing interior design, the other expenses would cost to change more poorly.

Thanks for reading and good luck!


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