Arts paintball and tips for beginners

Ten o’clock in the morning, hours away repeatedly broke out, a group of youths wearing red armor, holding a gun to force the soldiers returned fire Blues are massively attack the other side of the frontline. That is the view of a fierce battle painted shooting took place at a property.

Hunting is arranged like a real battle with the depots, aircraft models, bunkers, plains, hills, jungles, just as hideouts for the “soldiers”, both as obstacles requires the warriors must overcome to get high scores to the best paintball gun. Fierce battles took place during one hour.

  • The rule of this game

The soldiers move quickly from tree stump to another, all hindrances to other obstacles, alternating rows of bullets shot flew straight into the bunkers and depots that they shatter and leave streaks of paint red and blue. A moment later, the last two gunmen blue shirts stood slowly, hands over his head and out of the battlefield. They were both hit by bullets, ordered the referee stop the game. Ending battle, victory gave the reds with tactical preemption and move the smart way.

New hearing over, many people will feel this game fight fake stars that are hard to play too. But just when mixing in the battle, new you feel the stimulation of this fake game battle and the clash with rivals to win truly fascinating.

Another point of note is painted shooter game you must adhere to the safety rules of the guide, especially sewn using guns and equipped with personal protective equipment. If not careful, you can accidentally shot in the neck and eyes or cause injury to those around you and to yourself.

  • The guide of coach

Though coaches are carefully guide on how to play, but the rookie gunner sure would inevitably embarrassing. Here are some tips to follow in my experience for you:

Never remove protective mask when he was in the yard. Guns can accidentally “lost” on your side at any time. Although masked very hot and stuffy, but it is a safe tool for your protection. If you feel stuffy air, you can pause signaled to retreat into energy recharge. Moreover, there is always signal the referee breaks the fighters game to recharge air tanks before continuing fighting.

  • Tips when you play this game

Before the game, you make sure you understand the features of the supplement works as a loader, triggered pistol ammo box lock. Do not hesitate to ask the instructor and the gun before the official test match.

Paint gunshot will not make you hurt or injured, of course only if you wear armor and protective equipment. You might feel a little privation but that feeling will pass when the game ended.

Dark should wear eye protection, as this will be the enemy. Bring soft athletic shoes because you will have to run, roll, and pears, crawled through a lot over the terrain is not flat. There are a great many of you after you have found a safe shelter should lay down their breath.

Do not hide for too long to avoid enemy detection. The longer you stay one place, the ability to move your file to another location without being detected as low.

When you see the shells fell on the field, do not ever give up on guns picks. When loaded quickly, very jammed guns make you not fight any more weapons. Naturally, the possibility of going out of your yard as soon.

Always choose a captain and to follow the orders of the captain. Maybe your captain is not a good strategy or have much experience, but that is the driver side in the same direction.

The two most commonly used tactic is split and overwhelming force. For tactical split, your team will ambush them on the field, not concentrated in one place. With this option, you will observe the whole playground to easily detect enemy weak points. Meanwhile, tactical overwhelming forces requires the whole team to focus on defense and attack in one direction, only to a small group of defense remaining directions.

In each game, your team must prepare a strategy and a strategy for the prevention, avoid the initial combat plans were destroyed enemy makes the team were panicking.