There is no one can deny the fact that outdoor activities bring a lot of positive advantages to human health and social. We can talk with an endless converstaion about how many types, benefits, and drawbacks of outdoor activities, so in this post, I want to discuss about outdoor biking, one of the most famous and interesting daily sport which you can enjoy it everyday. When talk about biking, the first thing we need to have bike, for different type of biking, you will need different kind of requirement. For example, if you are looking for the mountain bike, best mountain bikes under 1000 will be your priority at first place, because they can satisfy most of biker’s requirements and have affordable price. So let’s get start.

  1. Road biking

Road biking or city biking is one of the most famous kind of biking of unprofessional biker because you can practice this sport in the city, on the city road without any requirement of technical or strick training purposes. All you need are the bike and some of protectors such as the helmet or knee and elbow protector. But it is not mean that you can ride the bike in anyway you like, you should do it follow some direction for the best result of exercising and make sure that you do not harm yourshelf.