Distinguish All The Kinds Of Skateboard

Skis on the market has the following types, the new game you should be careful, should not see a fee cheaper than useless dentist and one thing is guaranteed only buy games at skateshop.

But just only have two basic skateboard. Now I will help you distinguish them and then you will have much knowledge about this sport and then you know the best longboard brands to choose.

There are 2 types of games are popular and Skateboard Cruiser Board. Longboard is a type anymore.


Type wooden skis common, specialized to dance practice, and collective trick, 2 curvature in the head, use a smaller wheel wheel hard and the Cruiser Board (50mm – 54mm), not suitable for moves on bad road surfaces like asphalt, brick sidewalks, the main purpose is to dance (Ollie) and collective trick.

Cruiser Board

Kind of loud and soft wheels boards, planks wide variety of shapes, the first plank flat, curved tail boards, the boards compact design, used to walk, because the bread soft and should be able to go very fast smooth and suitable for moving long distances and rough roads, can set the basic skateboard trick when went proficient.

Plastic Cruiser (Cruiser Plastic):

Characteristics exactly Cruiser Board but made of plastic material, or you mistakenly called Penny (Penny is a famous brand and best quality Plastic Cruiser line) made of plastic lightweight and compact than the usual type of Cruiser Board.


This board is large size valves, bigger cake Cruiser, soft, applied to downhill and go long distances, can also be used as a comfortable cruiser, but not in the city because of the large and heavy size.


The circle has the same style as a traditional surfboard in length from 3 to 3.6m, width of 75 to 91cm. This kind of use of the best games for new players, who often quietly paddle boards where water pools, paddle near friable, or those who want to go fishing.

Plywood racing, tourist boards, paddle boards tailwind: The boards are part of the nose or tip, is somewhat similar shell kayaks; largely from 3.8 to 4.2m long. Part spearhead paddle boarding allows far more efficient, consuming less power than. The paddle boarding race or paddle boarding tours are often made narrow width, so be sure you can ensure balance on boards.

Hybrid kayak paddle boarding stand: This plank type can be used as a non-cockpit kayaks or you can stand up paddle boarding it as normal standing. Such flexibility allows you can use for fishing, or for windsurfing. Some models also include basement storage, for the long trip.

Surfboard: Whoever beginning acquainted with windsurfing boards should start with broad, rounded steadily around to surf. Once you’re better, you can experience the skis with narrower horizontal tank, but this kind take time to get acquainted and maturation. If you are someone who has had experience surfing, you absolutely can use a shorter skis, bring more mobile.

Steps Slalom Training For Beginners

The following article will guide Specific Ways You Personals About Slalom. Anyone playing inline skate slalom must know, people can seen through the clips on youtube of munobal guide. Posts I would like to sum this all clips on, editing by step small, additional clips for easy slalomer missing the train.

You should practice each step sequentially and in numerical order in each step to improve his slalom technique. Note, if you’re getting familiar with the inline skate, or start from here – the technical basic rollerblading.

When you start to play skateboard, you need comply some steps, make sure that you are right at the first time.

Start with slalom practice basic tricks, people try well the tricks to this episode because it makes for a lot of tricks premise complex later.

To access the advanced slalom tricks. In this step, people will become familiar with many more complicated tricks, note that if gathered into mastering the tricks in step Then practice the tricks in step 2 will agree far more beneficial.

Slalom advanced engineering, started training heeled nose.

Exercise more nose-heeled, the slalom practice complicated tricks.

The highest level slalom tricks. Where finishing the slalom skills.

Finally, it is the destination of all slalomer, exercise combo slalom, slalom combined movements.

Additionally, you can see lots of other tricks slalom as well as details on how to practice slalom difficult movements, or a slalom expert training to certain skills.

The above are general guidelines clips from basic to advanced slalom combining high and slalom movements. Look forward to the your comments have much experience to find out how good slalomer best for exercise. Thank you everyone for your interest posts.



Why Should We Play Longboard Every Day?

In rollerblading on the matter at what age, children can participate in workouts. Therefore, you need to consider some circumstance and then choose a good skateboard before playing.

This is an adventure sport. So you many people feel afraid this sport because it hurt your body. So before buying, you should consider to choose a good longboard. A longboards for beginners will help you try with this sport.

Consider Your Age When Choosing Longboard

By experience for your child to play skateboard. What I often experience, observation and found that: The age of the baby can join this subject is from 4 years and older. However, there are some situations we might encounter some children age 3 or 4 years of age have not been kept on skate’s roller.


Show Your Skate Style With A Skateboard

Hi guys, I am now still a student but I do not focus only on my studying. I am also taking part in several kinds of sports but it seems to me that I feel most excited at skating on the street. Since I lived with my US friend, he caught me into skating and we all prepared two santa cruz longboards which are our most precious sporty equipment.

At first, I was very attracted with various designs for the longboards. However, eventually I fell for the santa cruz style as it has vivid colors which show strong characteristics of each skaters. With my own experience, today I will give you more details about how to form your skate style with this kind of longboard.