10 benefits from swimming habits

Swimming is a good exercise for health, help to strengthen the body’s resistance. It is a sport that anyone can participate, but not everyone knows the benefits of swimming.

1. Preventing and treating obesity

Swimming is one kind of movement from head to toe and can promote blood circulation system of blood vessels throughout the body, strengthen substitution, increase fat consumption and promote the development of the muscles of the limbs, abdomen, thighs, back … strengthen internal organs function, enhance the body’s resistance, perform gentle slimming, comfortable.

Swimming is an aerobic post with impact and the lowest pressure on the joints. According to studies, whole body movement while swimming will consume about 790calo / hour.

2. Preventing and treating arthritis

Swimming is a low impact form of collective subject. The weightlessness of water help reduce the pressure on the joints eliminates the possibility of back pain, knee and muscle groups to participate in another activity. Experts on health remains that swimming regularly makes the joints function better, has therapeutic effects in osteoarthritis. Especially the elderly suffer from back pain, then swimming is an ideal method to reduce pain.

Swimming is a sport suitable for all ages.