Cycling Fitness – sports has many benefits for teens

Fitness bike is becoming more popular by the benefits that it brings to the practicer, especially in developing the body ages, the collective exercise bikes also bring many unexpected effects . Let me share with you cycling fitness – sports has many benefits for teens and the way to choose the Best Road Bikes Under 1000 for exercising.

  1. The benefits of cycling

It is confirmed that biking has always been regarded as a sport that has many health benefits and fit with the teen.

  • Help to increase the height

Though not improve much height as swimming or drag the bar but cycling also contributes to the growing body height. Since the exercise, organs are stimulated tremendous growth to meet the full capabilities of your activities, with the strengthening of eating more than usual, the body absorb nutrients faster maintenance and use immediately, while the substance does not generate a lot of energy (calcium …)

Especially when cycling, you should upgrade to a higher , which is an effective method to increase the height of the body.

  • Help to strengthen the health

When cycling from 60 minutes a day, the optimal operation will bring you a tough everyday health. When cycling, you can see everything panoramic surroundings, feeling more natural love of life and dispel any bitter feeling pain and stress …. thereby, improving health and love life more. Many studies of American scientists also concludes that regular cycling will help reduce migraines effectively.

  • Help you to have slim legs

When biking, the back, neck needs to keep straight, breathe evenly, and relax in the first minutes and accelerate in the last minutes like walking. The muscles and joints in the lower right part of regular activity to help complete legs become firmer, bouncing thigh muscle in the lower abdomen.

However, cycling is not a popular sport but every day if you practice active sports with bicycles from 60 -90 minutes, you will feel the benefits it brings offline.

  1. How to choose a suitable bicycle for exercising

Whenever we think of cycling, the first thing we care about is the bike is right for us or not? The purpose of biking is exercising the health, or esplanade on the roads which prohibit motor vehicles etc. From these thoughts, there is some information that we want to share with you to jointly choose a bike suited to the needs of each person.

* Frame 18 “is sized for younger users from 1m75 height. Lower please select frame 16″ or 17 “. Adorable little baby under 1m5 please use the type of frame size 15″, which is the basic size represents the height of the chassis) and is the first information people usually pay attention to when looking to buy a bike.

– The boy should use the framework of alignment on a large landscape, you will feel stiff, strong.

– The girl should choose the vehicle having a large horizontal cross-aligned to facilitate the boarding and alighting gently and gracefully.

* The color of the white bike will give users a powerful demeanor, clean and healthy. However, some of you need to choose the color according to Feng Shui to exercise. This is a personal choice only because it does not matter. If you are lazy to wash the bike, you should choose black or dark colored light of different color phases. Black bike will give you image unobtrusive, gently helping you to draw the line of people along the way.

* Biking is a means of transportation on the road, the user should mount additional support some toys like bells or bell electric motor, flashing lights and headlights for daytime use when traveling , when it is dark and when the rain etc. it will help you to avoid some unnecessary slight accident when traffic on the road.

* The use of bicycles is a rough means of fiber so when you go out, you need to pay attention to some troubleshooting such as calibration brakes, and tires removed when being sprayed tires, chain slip, fall pedal etc. You can supplement up your car some kits, tools for this purpose.


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