Outdoor activities in camping

It seems very interesting to have a picnic with your friends in the weekend. But you don’t know how to hold this event and organize some activities to warm up the atmosphere. In this sharing, we will recommend you some ways that you can consider to make the best picnic ever.

  1. Singing together

It is an indispensable activity in any camping. Just with a best acoustic guitar, you can sing any song with your friend, dance together or even hold a singing contest. It seems a very interesting nice to sit around together and sing the favorite to warm the space.

  1. Campfire

During a camping would not be complete without a campfire. But this is a vulnerable activity misunderstood and abused the most in life.

Keep in mind that campfires are not a cultural performance for recreational campers to have the opportunity after a day of activity, or to entertain people in the region, or to showcase individual talent … but we must pay attention to the education and training purposes of the bonfire. Campfire is not for amateurs or professional actors but for the campers. Here, they exchanges to make friends, build camaraderie, friendship … the fun, singing, dancing, acting help them to develop artistic talent, confidence, imagination Campfire must take place in spacious natural surroundings, avoid crowded areas many passersby, to the atmosphere which is intimate and cozy.

  1. Games
  • Pirates flag.

– Playground: wide terrace or a flat piece of land of a surface 30 meters wide, a 20 meters surface.

– Number of players: 20 and upward.

– Material: 8 tree flag.

– Placement: Dividing into 02 teams factions, each faction to stand aside. Behind each faction has 4 plants flags, uniform horizontal plug.

– How to play: You have to run through the fence caught the enemy, to place the flag to retrieve the flag. In flags place, no one has the right to arrest them again. When you enter the flag place, take one flag and come back. Maybe grab a flag or frees all prisoners of his own side. If he runs through enemy and is touched, he will be imprisoned. Which side of the groups bring the 8 plants, they will win.

  • Going through paper

– How to play: you join the game (unlimited number) is divided into equal teams. Each of you has prepared two papers by foot, the team lined up along the right scratch, scratch the finish line from 5 to 10 meters.

When a command of management games, the heads of each team will go to the destination and put pieces of paper to the ground, step on the foot, then put to paper and step down to simultaneously withdraw remaining pieces rear paper placed on top. Just like that, you continue to your destination.

When you first went to the place, you follow each team starts off as on, until the last. Which team will win the destination before.

– Rules: When walking, one foot on the paper you have to pedal and the other foot is not touching the ground. If touching the ground will be deducted one point.

  • Wind blows

Purpose: Create a comfortable atmosphere, relieve fatigue

People t / Date: 10-30 people

Time: 8-10 minutes

Tools: Chairs

How to play:

  1. Players put chairs in a circle and sit in each position so that enough

to a seat.

  • The Call of the Wild

Purpose: Cheerful

Who: 10-30 years old

Quantity: 20-30 persons

Space: wide terrace

Time: 15-20p

Tools: Little Red Riding Hood or mask

How to play:

– Separate

– Each team chose one animal and its characteristic cry

– Agree that language for both teams

  • Shooting Fish

Purpose: Pleasure, make a friendly

Audience: 7-30 years old

Quantity: 20-50 persons

Space: In addition to golf

Time: 15-20p

Tools: No

How to play: There are fish you do own trap, when the MC call fish capture. You will move like MC requires


Follow what MC request

If you is captured, you will lose

How to create dramatic: Move faster. Constantly changing the direction of travel

Note: MC move slowly if not he will be prone to falling

Strong activity levels

  • Conductor

Purpose: How to observe, analyze logic

Audience: No limits

Space: The circle

Time: 5-7 minus

Tools: No need

How to play: Choose one person stands between the inner ring and one who is the leader (secret not only to the other person know) All the rest do what leaders do. People stand looking to see who is the leader.

Rules of the game: No seek or find wrong DC the leadership who will be fined

Note: The level of light exercise

With all these suggestion above, I hope that you will be more active in holding activities for your group in a picnic trip.


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