Why Should We Play Longboard Every Day?

In rollerblading on the matter at what age, children can participate in workouts. Therefore, you need to consider some circumstance and then choose a good skateboard before playing.

This is an adventure sport. So you many people feel afraid this sport because it hurt your body. So before buying, you should consider to choose a good longboard. A longboards for beginners will help you try with this sport.

Consider Your Age When Choosing Longboard

By experience for your child to play skateboard. What I often experience, observation and found that: The age of the baby can join this subject is from 4 years and older. However, there are some situations we might encounter some children age 3 or 4 years of age have not been kept on skate’s roller.

But what I advised the child’s parents should be practiced when infants 4 years and older. Because the baby was still young, the body and the bone structure is weak, the parents should choose for their children the skates meet the following criteria:

Class inner boot roller skates should choose thick and smooth. This will make for sensitive feet and child developments are less affected by the impact or external shocks.

The Frame Of Longboard

Frame contains wheels should choose the type of good material

You should choose shoes rollerblading with alloy frame; not buy shoes as plastic or aluminum as shoddy. As this will quickly damage, accident prone and difficult to do the little slip did not lead to the favorite to skating disciplines.

Choose The Suitable Size

Choose to buy the kind of professional roller skates can adjust the size. Currently, there are many different types of roller skates, roller skates, but when choosing children, parents should choose a large size could be adjusted so that your baby can optionally be long-term use. Body of shoes and stock shoes have definitely made up. Maybe parents do not want their children to wear a pair of shoes that have seen at this side tilt, wearing the other. Choose shoes with body and neck will certainly ensure that corrective.

Choose Shoes To Play Longboard

If your baby is too young, you should choose the shoes are lightweight, easy to move and little control rollers row.

It should be fully equipped with the necessary protection for children

Protection for children will minimize risks during training. Protection should include: helmet, protect the hands, elbows, knees, is what is needed when children start practicing.

Select The Appropriate Training Venue

When training, the gathering place as well as the terrain is very important exercise. So choose areas and airy space, less obstacles to avoid hitting the child. Background to exercise yard should choose is the smoothed pitch, field flower tiles… to avoid skin burnt down by the rough pitch. This time, the ideal place for children to play roller are parks, residential area with large yard, where many baby joined this subject.

The democratic skateboarding brands which cannot be ignored and now we will introduce to you.

Bronze 56k

Bronze 56k: A franchising company video, a corporate brand computer hardware, accessories, jewelry making … – 56k Bronze whether you want to become whatever kind of company, they are welcome. The general idea of ​​the brand is inspired innumerable iconic images, from the logo of Windows 95 and PBS silhouetted images to Pissin ‘Calvin and guy image No Fear muscles.


Born in Paris in 2010, Magenta has all the essence mentioned above. Magenta is the first completely independent brand, owned by the former skaters, with all brands and graphics made by the founder of Soy Panday.

Magenta team includes members from the US, Europe and Japan, with each brand. It brings skateboarding 1 unique taste through the selection and combination of group creativity.


Mood-exist with the stuff of the world of art and blending them into skateboarding sport. Collaborating with artists and designers have a reputation, the establishment Grandison Tabor (formerly head of Rode Island’s Foundation of Youth Skateshop) and Calvin Waterman has successfully introduced the artist parallels the case during the 2 Mood year since its inception. Bring a skateboarding style leveling-old man, Mood is the inspiration you need.

Hope you have the best choice with a good longboard.